ReactOS 0.3.10

Aleksey Bragin announced the 0.3.10 release of ReactOS, the Free Software replacement for Microsoft Windows(TM).

It features a new Universal ATA driver as the default disk driver that allows support for Serial ATA and partitions greater than 8GB.
Also there’s a lot of work done on increasing USB compatibility.

There are still bugs now and then, but as the developers say it
should allow more people to run ReactOS on real hardware

From the changelog:

  • Fixed inability to work with partitions bigger than 8Gb
  • Added possibility of installing into any of four primary partitions
  • Initial support for SerialATA controllers along with enhanced ATA support
  • Initial USB keyboards and mice support
  • Greatly improved network cards support (20 different NICs were tested successfully)
  • Increased stability in networking
  • A clone of MS paint application has been introduced
  • Initial support for MSVC compilation
  • Better cleanup of system resource usage
  • Synchronization of most of the Wine usermode DLLs and some Win32 subsystem code shared with Wine

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