5 Free Linux Kids Games + 1 Extra Available On Ubuntu

Potato Guy/KTuberling

KTuberling is a drawing game designed for small children. It is essentially an editor wherein the child can drag and paste eyes, ears etc onto the picture of a guy shaped as a potato. The game can also spell out the names of the objects that we drag and place on the screen. It will speak in the language that you choose. This will help you to develop your vocabulary in any foreign language. In addition to the potato guy, you can create other themes like building a town. The game does not have a winner and is played for fun.


GCompris is a collection of games created for children aged 2-10. The full version of the software is available for free on Ubuntu. You can start a game by simply clicking on the appropriate icon on the screen. The games are simple and include reading practice, letter identification and counting numbers. Through appealing graphics and professional soundtracks that accompany every game, you can enhance your numerical and verbal skills along with entertainment.

Bouncy The Hungry Rabbit

This is a simple game where you are the rabbit. You want to eat the tasty vegetables in a garden without the farmer noticing. You can hide behind objects and move around to escape from the farmer. Although the game is designed for kids, adults can also play the game because the ‘hard’ level is truly challenging.


Wormux is a funny game played on a 2D map. The players choose their teams which can be animals like dragons, chickens, bulls etc or even aliens. The teams play with the weapons you choose which may vary from dynamites to baseball bats. The goal of each team is to exterminate the other teams. You win when your team survives and all others are killed. Although the game is being developed further, it is already very much playable.

Frozen bubble

In this game, you shoot balls into another set of balls and when the adjacent shot balls are of the same color, they fall and you score. You win when the top wall is devoid of balls. This is a game of speed because if you do not hurry, the top wall will automatically push the balls down which then strike the launcher and you lose.


Fizzball is a funny single-player game where you play with a ‘fizzball’ on the screen. You are on an island and your task is to rescue the animals and keep them in a nursery. You do this by hitting the animals in the field with a small ‘fizzball’. In doing so, you may have to overcome obstacles such as fences. As you grab animals, you earn points and these points (coins) are used to feed the animals you grab. As you collect more animals, your ball grows in size and you can capture bigger animals with the ball. This game has 180 levels of animal rescuing and 40 special bonus levels.

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